Phase 2 Guide: How to Send Ether to æternity’s Contribution Wallet

This article explains how to contribute using æternity’s wallet webpage.

Where do you keep your ethers?

In order to have ether, or any other cryptocurrency, you need to have a wallet. Many types of wallets exist. There are exchange wallets (in Coinbase, Bitstamp, Kraken, etc) hardware wallets (Ledger, TREZOR, etc.), desktop wallets (so many!), mobile wallets (numerous!), paper wallets and different implementations of these same types.

Do not send ethers or bitcoins from exchanges! The main thing that you need to have in mind when sending to æternity’s contribution ether address is that you:


In order to be 100% sure that your contribution is valid, please use our customized webpage and create a new ETH or BTC address. Here is what you need to do:

1. Go to

There you will see stats regarding the state of the campaign — total size of contributions generated so far in bitcoin and ether, generated AE tokens, time left, bonuses, etc.

Scroll down to the “Contribute Now” button and press it.

2. Select ETH as your contribution method

You are about to send ether, so select “ETH”.

3. Choose type of ether wallet

We strongly recommend to generate a new wallet.

If you are not 100% sure you are controlling your private key or seed, simply create by selecting “Generate New Wallet”.

If you know your private key, have a keystore file or prefer to use your own wallet to send ether directly to æternity’s contribution campaign Ether address, select “Use Your Own Wallet”.

4. Confirm you are not an US resident and accept terms and conditions

Please read and accept by pressing the “I have read and accept…” button

5. Generate wallet

You will be taken to “Generate Wallet” page. Read through all the privacy warnings by pressing “Okay, I got it”

6. Write down your seed!

Write down your seed on a sheet of paper. It cannot be copy-pasted intentionally.

7. Confirm that your seed is correct by re-entering the seed words

Enter the seed words that you just copied in the correct order. If the word is correct, the box will light up in green. If you have missed a word or the system does not accept your word entry (the box will light up in red) simply restart the process and generate a new wallet. Press “Looks good”

8. Access your newly generated wallet

You will see the public address of your newly generated wallet. Send ETH to that address before continuing to the next step. Please allow at least one confirmation on the ETH network before proceeding to the next step. Wait 2 minutes and press “Continue to Contribution”.

9. Contribute by sending from your newly generated wallet

You must see the amount that you have send to your brand new ETH wallet (of which you know the seed) under “Account Balance”.

If your balance is zero, please go back to step 3, click “Use your own wallet”, select “Mnemonic phrase” and enter the words from your seed, separated by spaces. If your seed is accepted, the contours of the box will light up in green.

You can add a message that will be included in æternity’s genesis block.

Press “Send Entire Balance”, if you want to send the entire balance of your wallet. This will automatically calculate the amount of gas needed.

10. Press “Contribute”

11. Press “Send Transaction”

12. Confirm your contribution

This pop-up should appear at the bottom:

How to check your contribution?

You can press the “View your transaction” link that appeared in the green box. That will load a page. However, if you do it too quickly your transaction might not be immediately visible. If it is not, wait a bit and refresh the page. Alternatively, go directly to and in the top right box, enter your new wallet address and press search. You will see your contribution transaction.

That’s it

You have contributed to the development of what will be the next big project in blockchain technology.

Thank you.

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