What Can Developers Expect from The Aeternity Foundation

The Foundation recognizes the importance of providing developers with the necessary resources, information, and incentives to support their work on æternity.

That is why one of its primary goals is to support and assist all efforts to leverage æternity technology for the benefit of the wider community.

In the following sections, specific ways to aid developers will be outlined, detailing what you, as a developer, can expect in terms of support and opportunities.

The Mission of the Aeternity Foundation

The Foundation is deeply committed to helping facilitate your success and enhancing the overall utility of the æternity ecosystem.

That is why we’re taking the initiative on various projects, aiming to promote and aid development on æternity.

Just one example of the Foundation’s initiatives is the numerous HackChallenges it has hosted. These events aim to introduce as many new talents as possible to the æternity ecosystem, encouraging innovation and fresh perspectives. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to win substantial rewards.

Opportunities for Developers

Speaking of initiatives, here is a list of events and opportunities for developers to engage with æternity and other projects in the ecosystem:

  • Conferences & Networking — In addition to the annual æternity Universe conference held at the renowned Crypto Castle, developers and enthusiasts within the æternity ecosystem have opportunities to engage with key influencers at various global conferences. Details about these events will be provided well in advance, enabling participants to plan their involvement and maximize networking opportunities.
  • HackChallenges — The Foundation has dedicated considerable effort to planning and organizing a range of challenges that provide developers worldwide with opportunities to interact and innovate on the æternity network. These events are crucial for generating and nurturing new ideas, which is why many more are planned for the future. Be sure to stay up to date with its social media for updates.
  • Mentorship — If you have some coding experience and are interested in blockchain technology, consider participating in æternity’s forum. It’s a great opportunity to engage with leading contributors, work on diverse projects, and significantly enhance your skills in the blockchain industry.
  • Support — The Foundation is always looking for promising strategic projects that aim to utilize æternity’s technology. While the Foundation cannot promise financial support at the moment, it will do whatever it can to provide guidance, expertise, and other resources necessary to bring your idea to life.

Informational Resources Available to Developers

æternity GitHub

Explore the extensive repository with contributions from over 3 thousand developers, which houses all codebases and their updates.

The aeternity GitHub provides a central hub for all developmental artifacts, allowing you to delve into past revisions, current software releases, and developmental branches that are shaping the future of blockchain technology.

æternity Docs

All relevant technical documentation about the æternity protocol can be found in one place. This resource covers everything from basic protocol architecture and node setup to advanced features like state channels, oracles, and the Sophia programming language, providing comprehensive guidance for both new and experienced developers.

æternity Forum

The æternity Forum is a centralized hub for developers to explore the æternity blockchain’s capabilities, offering resources on the Erlang-based protocol, Sophia smart contract development, and decentralized application (æpp) creation.

It’s the place for discussions on updates, hackathons, and collaborative projects, supported by an active community and the æternity contributors. It is ideal for asking questions, sharing insights, and finding solutions.

æternity Youtube Lectures & Panels

The æternity blockchain channel on YouTube contains more than 100 hours of educational content covering everything from creating your first token contract and dApp to mastering the Sophia programming language and deploying smart contracts on the mainnet.

Join the æternity Developer Community

If you’re passionate about blockchain technology and looking to make a tangible impact, join the æternity developer community. Participate in hackathons, contribute to forums, learn through educational resources, and perhaps, find your next big opportunity at one of the conferences.

We encourage all interested developers to connect with the rest of the community through the æternity forum. Here, you can sign up for upcoming events, access learning materials, and start interacting with the æternity ecosystem right away.

Your Role in Shaping the Future

To further support and empower developers, the Aeternity Foundation offers a comprehensive grants program. Whether you have a new project idea or need resources to bring your vision to life, the grants program is designed to provide the necessary support.

Visit the Aeternity Foundation Grants Program to learn more and apply.

Let’s innovate together and build a blockchain for all!

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