æpps Update: Roma is Live!

Photo by Joel Filipe

We are thrilled that the æternity blockchain is up and running. At the time of this blog post 8060 blocks have been mined, and we would like to provide the community with an update on æpps and the æpps ecosystem.

Storing Tokens Present & Near Future

At present, AE tokens can be stored in the Base æpp (mobile only), as well as in the AirGap Vault mobile application. Send transactions can be conducted through both. For maximum security, we recommend people store large amounts of AE only on the AirGap Vault app. It can be synced with the AirGap Wallet which will allow the initiation of secure spend transactions. We are currently working on the Ledger Live æternity app, which will let users store their tokens on their Ledger devices.


We updated æpps.com, our decentralized æpps ecosystem destination, to reflect the current state of the æpps development. You can see some of the æpps, which are currently in development there.


We are working on a more detailed æpps development roadmap, which we will share in the upcoming weeks. This will include more detail around the æpps we are currently building, long-term plans, and developments in our SDKs, as well as other tools. These upcoming developments will help æternity grow into one of the most developer-friendly, decentralized applications ecosystems.

Into the Future!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and developments in the æpps ecosystem!

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