æternity ‘Dev-Log’ Genesis

The æternity Dev-Log:17–01

This is the start of a monthly series on the development of the æternity blockchain.

Where are we now?

Let’s analyze where we currently stand at the end of Q2 2017.

Protocol Development

In progress. Most of the launch features are written & implemented; currently being tested on the test-net. Aeternity’s code is currently being refactored by senior Erlang developers and with the help of a professional Erlang consultancy. In the process we hope to find more improvements and deliver an even more useful and scalable platform.

Further Application Development

I. Lightning Routing via State ChannelsOnce finished peers may transact through multiple state channels, leveraging all advantages æternity has to offer not just between two parties.nII. Trust-free & Off-Chain MarketsThis enables users the creation off-chain markets by posing questions to the Oracle. An example smart contract is already running and the API has to be upgraded.

Interface Development

I. Wallet & Light-NodeGathering specifications, writing requirement document, test cases, use cases, mockups & wireframes.

Currently we have a library to communicate with the node API and a compatible hash function.

II. BlockexplorerGathering specifications, writing requirement document, test cases, use cases, mockups, wireframes. nHere as well, since the protocol development is finished for now, the API to communicate with nodes is already in place.

What’s next?

Next time on æternity Dev-Log:17–02 I will update you on the interface development and write about the progress on the features. Feel free to contact us and the amazing community supporting this project here:

Are you a blockchain developer or cryptographer?

Get in touch with us if you are looking for a new challenge! Please send an email to info@aeternity.com

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