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Growing the æpps Ecosystem (Part 1)

For the past two years, æternity has been introducing innovative use cases for the æternity blockchain and showcasing the applications it fuels, connecting numerous developers and thousands of users all around the world. æternity’s decentralized applications ecosystem continues to go from strength to strength.

From wallet solutions to energy, gaming, and social platforms, the æcosystem just keeps on growing! The latest HumanDefi Hæck, organized online due to the Covid-19 pandemic, introduced us to an ever-growing number of worldwide blockchain talents using æternity technology.

In order to better comprehend the various advantages blockchain technology can provide to different and diverse industries, æternity along with its Starfleet program (an accelerator for blockchain startups), identified the most important fields to support. Among them, the most prominent are DeFi, gaming, self sovereign ID, and Provenance. This endeavor resulted in the creation of numerous unique features that are in use today, and even designing new pioneering business models.

Let’s go through some of decentralized services which are ready and available to be used TODAY:


A company that utilizes the aeternity blockchain to the fullest. Vereign AG uses advanced protection technology that integrates with existing inbox infrastructure to provide authenticity, security, and trust to the entire communication process. It also enables users to sign, share, and verify sensitive documents all the while being fully eIDAS/ZertES compliant. Vereign also lets its users manage their own personal digital identity and decide who sees what by selectively sharing their data via their Vereign account.


A peer-to-peer lending platform, that uses æternity blockchain to deliver a turnkey solution aimed at peer-to-peer lenders and fintech companies focused on entering the digital asset market. Assetify uses multisignature wallets to store and secure funds, enabling a trustless link between the borrower and the lender, all the while ensuring that collateral can be tracked and is locked until the loan is completed. The æternity blockchain provides greater functionality for DeFi applications, while delivering higher levels of scalability than other blockchain networks with fees 100 times cheaper than the Ethereum blockchain.

Cryptic Legends

A token-based card trading game where you assemble and collect the right heroes for your party and build your strategy by configuring their skills and equipment. With Cryptic Legends, you are the owner of your heroes independently from the developers, and are as such able to trade them on the open market, but also use them in future games!

Box Aepp

A versatile, decentralized æpp supporting many functions: super-powered Æ wallet that provides access to the æternity naming system, DeFi capabilities and AEX9 tokens swapping; games, smart contract, instant messaging, data link, and so on. The Box Mobile Aepp is available for both Android and IOS users. All interested users are invited to follow the further work of the team, here.


Cryptotask offers smart contract-powered solutions for reducing fees and legal overhead for freelancers. Propped up with a seed grant from æternity and deployed on the æternity blockchain, CryptoTask‘s peer-to-peer freelancing platform offers automated instant payout settlement, very low fees, no fake or hidden freelancers’ rates, while reputation is stored directly on the blockchain.

The latest weekly recap is here:

Jelly Swap

One of the first blockchain finance platforms to integrate æternity technology, providing users with the ability to execute peer-to-peer atomic swaps across different blockchain networks. All you need to do is to connect your wallets, set the desired amount, hit the Swap button and wait for Jelly to do all the work. Worth mentioning are Jelly Stats which provides very valuable aggregated data about prices, liquidity, liquidity providers, swap history.


An online documents-management service deployed on the æternity blockchain. With ReCheck Docs you can register (create hash and timestamp) any PDF document on the blockchain, verify registered documents, transfer a file to selected recipient securely, and track it. You can already test the ReCheck tool.

ReCheck is adaptable to third party software, adds no changes to your current process or software, and leverages built in services. It supports decentralized identities, or self-sovereign identities, by using cryptography and blockchain technology. Finally, ReCheck is data and blockchain-agnostic, meaning that it allows for a blockchain ecosystem to be changed and adapted when needed. Person-to-person encryption keeps allows users to benefit from a maximum level of security when sharing sensitive data.

The projects highlighted in this article are literally the tip of the iceberg.

There are so many more projects we are proud of, and which will be featured in future posts. The æternity æcosystem is growing at breakneck speeds each and every day to the point that we’re struggling to keep up with telling the stories about all the awesome new applications in development.

Everyone inspired to learn more about mentioned projects, to meet or talk to them, just drop a message: æcosystem.

What’s next for the æcosystem?

As we continuously strive to expand the æcosystem, all we can say is that exciting times are ahead! More æpps are currently in development and will be announced soon!

And not to forget, something big is cooking 🤓 enabling the full power of blockchain technology and asset tokenization to truly work in the interest of all of us, the people.

Exciting times are coming. Stay tuned!

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