Æternity Hackathon Submissions — Time to Vote!

Over the course of the past six weeks, we have seen almost 150 different participants take a chance and try their luck in the Aeternity Universe Two Hackathon! It has been an impressive showing from keen developers all over the world, and now the time has come to focus on the final selection.

Facing fierce competition, developers have submitted their best ideas, most innovative outputs, and creative applications of aeternity blockchain-powered solutions. All of them are laser-focused on winning one of the top three prizes (all paid out in Æ coins):

  • 1st place: $15,000
  • 2nd place: $8,000
  • 3rd place: $5,000

In the end, 34 submissions have been made, and following thorough consideration by our team, 12 have made it into the final round! The final 12 submissions will be weighed, measured, compared, and contrasted by aeternity establishment’s core team of top experts, and the winners will be announced on Monday, September 26, 2022!

However – It is not all just in the hands of judges – the community can also get involved!

The Community Choice Award is also on the line, with a chance for the winner to receive $2500 in Æ coins! But that’s not all – the participating community members who cast their vote for their favourite submission are all eligible to participate in a raffle for 5000 Æ coins!

The vote will be conducted via the Governance æpp, which has already been tried and tested for all crucial aeternity-related voting in the past. Just navigate to Poll 105 and cast your vote for what you think is the best submission!

In order to prevent any wrongdoing and potential cheating, we introduced some special rules for this vote:

  • The official voting weight will not be taken into account
  • Each vote counts as 1 point
  • This means that the result shown in the Governance æpp could differ from the actual result
  • Voters need to copy their aeternity address which they used for voting, and paste it under the official voting thread in the forum
  • The forum account posting the aeternity address needs to have been registered before August of 2022

Only the votes that follow the criteria above will be counted as valid and will enable the voter to participate in the 5000 Æ coin-raffle. The submission that receives the most votes will be proclaimed the winner of the Community Choice Award.

Hurry, because the deadline for voting is Sunday, September 25, 23h CEST!

Looking Ahead

This is, most surely, not the last Hackathon that will be powered by aeternity – be on the lookout for incoming news! The aeternity blockchain killer app is out there, and we’re just waiting for it to emerge before us!

There is a wide plethora of interesting avenues you could explore when it comes to further potential solutions built based on the aeternity protocol. To list but a few:

  • An Oracle Price Feed (The current solution is somewhat haphazard; a novel, future-proof one is needed to serve and secure the DeFi ecosystem
  • State Channel applications (With the new State Channel Demo being recently developed, there is a wide range of potential future applications out there)
  • General DeFi development paths (For example, having to do with crowdfunding, trading, lending, borrowing, staking etc.)
  • Generalized Accounts (Tackling (social) recovery options, spending limits, multi-sig options etc.)
  • DAO related solutions

What is your favourite Aeternity Universe Two Hackathon submission? What would you build first using the aeternity blockchain? What do you think is the next killer app? Let us know!

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