æUnited begins!

Great community gathering launches the new program

Yesterday, a new era for the æcosystem began with the kick-off meeting to mark the launch of æUnited, the next-level contribution platform.

First of all, we’d like to thank the community for the massive interest and for showing up in such numbers to support the beginning of the new collaboration platform, and for the amazing ideas and enthusiasm that you brought to the event!

The Kick-off meeting

The interest for the new program launch was very high, and many prominent members of the community were in attendance. Moderated by Erik Vollstädt, the æUnited project lead, the kick-off meeting covered some of the basic points, by introducing everyone to the concept of æUnited, reviewing past æternity contribution programs, and providing all with the unique insight from some of the most influential and achieved æmbassadors to date. (The entire recording of the meeting is here! We strongly encourage you to take a deep dive into all that was discussed.)

Also, community members were introduced to new and published bounties that exist and were in a position to probe and ask questions to everyone involved. An enthusiastic, vibrant discussion ensued.

Underlining the foundational idea of this new platform – to grow more æpps and build more open source applications on the æternity blockchain – the discussion in the kick off meeting went in the same direction. Building on the success of the æmbassador program, æUnited will likely include more bounties soon! And, no worries, when claiming a reward for a bounty – there will be absolutely no need to give any of your personal details.

As always, the æcommunity will continue upholding one of the core values – anonymity. Now, with .chain names, interactions have been made even more secure and anonymous, giving more control to the community members over their personal data and identity.

Bounties and applications

The bounties themselves can be suggested via a separate process and all are more than welcome to pitch in with their ideas. (Of course, this does not prevent any of you from suggesting different ideas and contribution directions through the foundation’s grant program). The bounties will, in practice, not be assignable to multiple persons/teams at once, to avoid competition and foster cooperation.

In order to participate in a bounty you need to comment on the issue on Github and provide a deadline for when you plan to finish the bounty. The owner of the issue will confirm your assignment and will be checking with you for progress and updates. Find out more about the application and rewards process on our Github repo for Bounties!

Once you finalize and complete a bounty, you’ll be able to work with our team on sending the invoice and receive your reward in Æ tokens. We strongly suggest you use the Superhero wallet, or Airgap, and of course Box which is being worked on in the Chinese community with the utmost dedication. Using any of these circumvents exchange wallets and protects your private keys – elevating the level of your security and privacy on the web.

Finally, don’t forget about our weekly Jæm sessions! You can join your fellow æcommunity members and æternity devs here every Wednesday at 4PM CET. Get access not only to a ton of useful material, but also be exposed to some of the most productive and prolific minds in the entire æternity community. Engaging with folks here could help you out with work on the bounties!

This mission we are on – to provide the ultimate advanced blockchain experience to all the community members and developers in the æcosystem – is something we’re all working on together.

Thank you all for being there for the kick-off! And – stay æUnited!

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