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æternity is securing commitments to establish a StackExchange site

Whether you are already expanding the æternity blockchain or you are a developer interested in the latest info on blockchain development, you will be glad to know that Area 51, the StackExchange Network staging zone, for æternity-related questions and answers is being constructed and is currently progressing towards the private beta stage.

As æternity blockchain is an open-source, Erlang-based scalable smart contract platform engineered to address some of the most fundamental challenges native to earlier blockchains by redesigning blockchain technology at the protocol level, the æternity developer community has a lot of knowledge to offer and would like to invite all interested developers to join the movement to keep blockchain free and innovative.

Support Area 51 in commitment stage

At the moment the process is in the commitment stage, a part of the StackExchange site construction protocol in which the community must reach a certain amount of committed members, before the private beta can begin, in order to secure that the site will have traffic and be actually useful to a large community of interested developers and enthusiasts.

However, if you are reading this, and are interested in advanced developing solutions and protocols, you’re probably already familiar with how the StackExchange site creation works.

The commitment stage has only just begun, so if you are eager to learn more about æternity, blockchain and find answers to your questions as well as æ’s solutions to some specific problems, or if you, on the other hand, have knowledge to share with your peers, join the æternity community and commit to Area 51.

See you thære!

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