Blockchain Dashboard Bounty Winners!

We are thrilled to see the active participation of our community in building out the æternity ecosystem and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for æternity!

We have picked two winners for the Dashboard Bounty. We are awarding first prize, 3000 AE tokens, to for the progress they have made on their dashboard during the time of the bounty.

We are awarding another prize of 1500 AE tokens to AEMonitor for building a great dashboard from scratch. We hope that its creator – Przemysław Thomann – will continue to expand the dashboard functionalities and enable more types of useful data to be displayed.

Przemek was able to join us at the æpps Summit in Turkey and it was a pleasure to have him there and hear his input on our ecosystem!

We will continue to support both winners in relation to user experience and design.

We look forward to your participation in building æternity. Stay on the look out for more bounties!

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