Empyrean Times.

We are at the brink of change. Social, financial, political and psychological change is imminent. We can feel it in the air, hear it on the streets and see it not only in disruptive technology.


A quick glance at the daily news suggest an upward spiral into chaos, quite recently from an emerging proto-hitler dictator in Turkey, shutting down social media services (source); to a closeted cabaret artist miming the US president, building the largest gated community thus far (source).

Individuals exposed to political instability and social unrest in their countries, usually have limited access to certain internet applications and services. Additionally censorship of specific content or even free speech in general is very common. If sustained and enforced by the government, this could lead to generations of humans growing up in a – I’m overselling it a bit – mental prison. Nevertheless the sad reality is that sometime individuals are even prosecuted for what they said or tried to expose, social media activity included.


Viewed in front, the above sketched, background it seems quite likely that the current situation in Turkey might look very different if individuals had the possibility to petition, completely anonymous, to the whole world or even collect funds for a campaign. Everything outside the prying reach of censorship or prosecution.

This will not not happen overnight or by some other heavenly intervention. It is something we all together and each one individually have to take responsibility & care for as well as cater to – each and every day.

It is something that can help us create true value of services and goods. For some this might not seem apparent, but the meaning of life is not to amass material goods or overconsumption. Real but intangible emotions, that very often are expressed in arts, or a feeling of appreciation and accomplishment, those are things or true value, that let us look at our Selfs and feel content and fulfilled. Emotions that are also active when you do productive things of your expertise that you are proud of and can pay your rent with.


Each and every one of us can take responsibility and set his/her values straight and start stockpiling things of true, transcendental and not of transient value. Even if you are not an artist, technology is at a stage where it is advanced enough to enable anybody in the world to help anyone with anything she or he excels & takes pleasure in; even getting paid for it. Thus creating those fuzzy feelings inside, knowing you helped with something you had full responsibility over. No company, government or service forced you to work on something you deem unnecessary or even contradictory to your new value system, while you keep your home and feed your family.

enter æ.

Just recently, while strolling through Blockchainland I stumbled across a young, progressive and open minded community centered around an ingenious idea on how to apply and evolve the blockchain organism.

Empyrean light by Gustave Doré for Dantes Paradiso (final part in

They started calling it æternity and I was engulfed in a euphoric state of infinite ‘soulfullness’. Pondering on the infinite possibilities of a blockchain that blends the exemplary value transfer of the bitcoin network with a governable smart contract framework.

Ideas kept rushing into my head and one by one a vivification of the most promising ones will be undertaken – might as well start now.


Bear with me and imagine a patriarchal country where women are suppressed. Velvet light from the setting sun hits Leilas face hard and she can’t see the three men rushing towards her. Luckily for her a younger girl, hiding in the side alley shade, starts recording with her smartphone, the terrible & inhumane thing that is about to happen.

The younger girl immediately and anonymously uploads the video, a title and a short description attached, to Chænge. A petition platform run on blockchain technology.

Within minutes the post creates an outcry in the community and is being augmented with ideas & thoughts on how to help Leila. It doesn’t take long and the idea to raise money for Leila, maybe to buy an airplane ticket, emerges. Thus a Bitcoin wallet for the petition is created and donations can be sent there without any extra costs, fees or bank accounts.

Leila is confronted with the post and at first deeply disturbed, she soon after decides to act against her perpetrators. Her brave actions resulted in multiple countries offering her sanctuary and with the bitcoins collected over the weeks she can start a new life.

All of this together can only be achieved with a service that is immutable, like a blockchain.

This is only one of many promising and valuable use cases that is being discussed at æternity. Furthermore it is one of many that integrates with other æpplications, like Wallet, Exchange, Identity.

Tempted to dig deeper? Take a tour of the recently launched website…

… watch the development live on twitch or join our Telegram group https://telegram.me/aeternity

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our other media channels opened up and more from me on medium.

Your attention is appreciated!

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