Happy Data Privacy Day

Today we celebrate a day of data privacy, and here’s too many such days and years to come

Today is the international day of celebrating the right of keeping data private and secluded from the pesky eyes of corporate overlords. Today is the day we raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection practices all around the world. Today we stand firmly for having our data unequivocally in our possession and having complete control over who we are, not just online or on social media platforms, but in all spheres of life.

And, because of this, it is the perfect day for us to remind that Superhero embodies the very essence of what this day stands for.

Superhero – the world’s foremost æternity blockchain powered social media platform is, firstly, completely open source. This means that the entire community is invited to pitch in and take a look under the hood and contribute to how it works. Superhero belongs to the community that uses it, it’s truly decentralized, meaning no entity owns it and controles it and no one can collect the data that comes through it. This is the definition of a new kind of social media platform, one which is not subject to unwarranted compromise in our data privacy, to which traditional platforms are trying to get us used to. We will never grow accustomed to our data being used for their benefit.

In addition, Superhero offers a completely safe and fast way of transacting and rewarding effort and content of your fellows on the platform through the tipping system. In order to encourage original and truthful content being shared on Superhero, we have implemented a system which allows users to send and receive tips in Æ tokens at almost light speeds – and it’s free for all. Superhero takes no commissions from tips that transact through it, other than a small fee that goes directly towards the æternity blockchain miners that dedicate their processing power to keeping transactions secure – and even this is frequently under $0.01.

Superhero interactions are completely cryptographically secure, with all transactions being time stamped. It is completely integrated with the World Wide Web and allows its users to own 100% of their identities.

We are all together creating an ecosystem that rewards value of good content and promotes good causes. Superhero empowers people to associate themselves and their identity with those they share values with.

Setting up yourself on Superhero is super easy too! No email or password are needed to join, all you need is your Superhero wallet. After that you are completely and totally free to create the platform you wish to create, all the while having full control of your privacy – in the palm of your hand.

Today we celebrate a day of data privacy, and here’s too many such days and years to come. Let’s start tipping today.

Superhero does not track, collect, or sell anyone’s data – and never will. Other social media platforms rely on ad revenue, for which they collect, use, share, and ultimately sell user data. Superhero is a non-profit platform and was built to end this malpractice. And it shall.

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