Iris is here!

Today, June 10th, at 12:55 CEST, æternity network reached block #441.444 which was the proposed block for the Iris Hard Fork activation.

The core dev team at æternity foundation has been closely monitoring the status of the network, updated nodes and allocation of hashing power and this is the outcome of the proposed hard fork.

2miners, who produced block #441.444, WoolyPooly, and beepool have all updated their nodes to v6.0.0, which does not come as a surprise given the fact that out of the last 737 block generations, there is only a single block that was produced by a node with a different version than 6.0.0, which later produced a block using v.6.0.0.

The whole æternity community has given bold support to the Iris activation to continue evolving the network with new features which will heavily contribute to æternity network adoption.

As a brief summary of the features included in the Iris hard fork these are the most remarkable novelties from a non-deeply technical user point of view:

* New cryptographic primitives included in the virtual machine which allow running Zero Knowledge proofs and advanced multi-signature schemes on top of æternity.

* Contract factories and contract cloning are now possible with Sophia smart contracts increasing usability and security in general, particularly for DeFi services.

* Users can now execute transactions with a third party paying for the gas, which will result in a much smoother onboarding experience for æpp users.

* State channels now allow delegates, who protect the interest of the participants of a channel, to be modified while the channel is running. Participants can now change their delegates during the life of the state channel, with a new transaction type.

If you want to dive deeper into the rich set of improvements that Iris provides, take a look at this extended description of the Iris improvements or the v.6.0.0 release notes.

The whole æternity æcosystem is excited to enter this new phase of the æternity network which will undoubtedly foster further growth of the æcosystem, to fulfill the vision of æternity contributing to a more decentralized, private, and free world.

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