Launching the future of open-source Collaboration!

æUnited is ready to roll

The æcommunity has made its choice and the name of the æcosystem’s next-level contribution platform is: æUnited.

The visual branding of æUnited is ready as well, it’s time to start collaborating and continue bringing the æcosystem to the top of the blockchain space!

We invite everyone interested in contributing to the æcosystem in any way to the official æUnited Kick-Off meeting! Especially if you’re not sure how you could get involved with expanding the æternity blockchain’s adoption and influence, you should join the æcommunity on Monday, September 13th at the Kick-Off meeting!

The agenda of the æUnited Kick-Off Meeting will include:

  • Introduction to the concept of æUnited
  • Review of past æternity contribution programs and testimonials from some of the most influential and successful æmbassadors
  • Introduction to new and published bounties by Æ team leads
  • Open Q&A session with the community to resolve all open questions and hear feedback about æUnited

We are all together on a mission to provide the best possible blockchain experience to all the users and developers of æternity. Many new opportunities will open up through æUnited, especially for those who are looking to build up their skills, experience and reputation, as well as promote their talents within the blockchain industry and inside the æcosystem in particular.

The currently open tasks for contribution are available to access in the table:

In order to participate in a bounty you need to comment on the issue on Github and provide a date when you plan to finish the bounty. The respective owner of the issue will confirm your assignment to the bounty and the table above will be updated accordingly. Find out more about the application and rewards process on our Github repo for Bounties.

As all of this is quite new and many of you probably have questions or suggestions for æUnited, we welcome you to the opening Kick-Off session on Monday, 13 September at 4 PM CEST. Feel free to bring your friends and contacts who would also like to learn more about æternity and want to start contributing to the open source æcosystem.

We will meet at, please make sure to install the Superhero browser extension to receive tips in Æ tokens for your questions and contributions at the Kick-Off session! Looking forward to meeting you all and getting your .chain names ready to start contributing anonymously, with the spirit of decentralization at the core of your heart and mind.

We’re looking forward to meeting you all, and starting this amazing, new collaboration program, to the benefit of us all.

See you there!

Get in touch: GitHub | Forum | Reddit | Twitter | YouTube| LinkedIn

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