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Do the people have a blockchain which is entirely their own, which they can build on and which provides their applications unlimited scalability, integrated oracles, amazing speed of transactions and innovative solutions to problems which even the biggest blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are struggling to resolve?

Yes, they do, it’s called æternity blockchian. It is yours to shape, use and build on. So, shouldn’t æternity blockchain have its own StackExchange site? Of course it should, and behold, one is currently in the process of being created! To be a part of it, however, you should commit in the Area 51 æternity site staging zone.

Why is it important to commit?

Once we get to 100% of the needed commitments, private beta stage will start and only those committed will have access to æternity’s StackExchange site, until we get to the public beta stage. You can view it as becoming founders of the æternity StackExchange site, which is in itself kind of cool. More importantly, though, everyone committed will be able to post or answer questions on the beta site. This will be of great use to enthusiasts and developers learning about blockchain and æternity technology in particular, providing them with aid in coding, solutions others have already created, and, on the other hand, a point of pride and good will for knowledgeable developers to help and teach their peers about the innovative technologies used by the æternity blockchain, and how to apply them to new use cases.

At the moment, about a quarter of the commitments have been achieved. We need your help and hope to kindle your interest in æternity, an open-source, decentralized and innovative blockchain waiting for you to shape it into something everyone will want to use.

⚡️ That said, here is the link to commit and remember that it doesn’t matter if you already followed æternity’s StackExchange page, you still need to commit.

And please, we encourage you to promote this on your networks and between your colleagues. Also don’t forget to improve your reputation by following other SE sites and reaching 200 rep points.

The process of creating a StackExchange site is a sophisticated collection of stages which ensure that a quality site is created and that it will have regular traffic and ample interest of the public.

Launching a StackExchange site goes through the “Area 51” process:

1 – Proposal: a handful of people are needed already within a few days;n2 — Definition: the community must propose and approve 40 typical questions;n3 — Commit: enough individual users must pledge to contribute to the community; * n4 — Beta period: the community must achieve some metrics (e.g. 10 questions/day);n5— StackExchange site proposals may fail (close) or succeed (be launched).

*We are currently in the Commit stage of site creation and soon hope to be in the Beta, where we will be able to really start working with everyone interested in the technology æternity is offering.

Stay curious, and see you there!

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