Naming the new æcommunity collaboration program

As it’s been previously announced a brand new æcommunity collaboration program is here. It just needs an official, community chosen name, and the work, fun and earning through collaboration can begin.

As always, the decentralized nature of the æternity blockchain means that all major decisions are made through community governance, thus the choice of the name for the new program is up to all of us who consider ourselves a part of the æcommunity and who will, after all, be using and benefiting from the incentivized collaboration program.

The æcommunity came up with some amazing proposals for the name, which are currently up for election. The name with the most voting power behind it will become the official name of the program.

In order to vote, go to and find the #98 poll (Name for the new æternity Contribution Program!). Cast your vote with the amount of Æ coins you hold in your Superhero wallet, without fear that any of it will be lost, they simply represent your voting power.

Voting is open until the 26th of August at 2PM CET

Just in case you need it, here’s a full guide to Superhero Voting.

Now go, check out the cool options to name our amazing program, pick the one you like most and let’s get crackin’!

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