New Year, New Beginnings — Same Strong Community

Happy Chinese New Year and the Year of the Ox

Happy Lunar New Year! Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year of 2021 – the Year of the Ox!

It is said that those born in the Year of the Ox are strong, reliable, fair and conscientious, and inspire confidence in others. Additionally, the Year of the Ox imbues those born in it with patience, a methodical approach to life, and – above all – trustworthiness.

For us here at the æternity blockchain – it has always been about trust.

æternity development team would like to take this opportunity to wish a very warm and safe 2021 to all our members and friends in the Chinese community. We hope that this year will bring nothing but good tidings, clear skies, and wide smiles.

The Lunar New Year falls on different days every year, and this year, it starts today, February 12th, 2021 (Spring Festival (春节 / chūn jié)).

To that end, we’d also like to use this chance to underline some of the projects and initiatives that the æ community has been working tirelessly on – specifically with our Chinese community in mind.


AEChina is the definitive start for everything and anything æternity. It is the perfect beacon of useful information to start you on your journey of exploring all the possibilities of the æternity blockchain.

Built by the computer science major and staunch æternity supporter LiuShao, AEChina provides first-hand æternity information for users, and also provides a good exhibition platform for excellent æpps! It has never been easier and more accessible for our community members to get up-to-speed on æternity news, development tutorials, related original works, and general æternity-centered news.


WeTrue is the natural ecosystem extension to AEChina. Constructed, again, by LiuShao and fellow long-time æternity contributors GuanTou and Redcan, it is a truly decentralized social platform that seeks to enable and empower developers and common-users alike to use and learn æternity applications.

WeTrue focuses exclusively and explicitly on the æternity’s Chinese community. Based on blockchain technology, it facilitates sharing, dissemination, and acquisition relationships for users via its short, real-time messages. All user behavior – including account generation, login, posting, commenting, and rewards – is completely separated from anything resembling a centralized environment. You can learn more about WeTrue on our forum, right here!


AEKnow is an æternity ecosystem explorer and resource hub built by Liu Yang. It serves as a lightning-quick, handy, and extremely useful search tool for transactions on the æternity blockchain, but also oracles, blocks, names, mining pools, and more!

The æternity crypto foundation has awarded AEKnow a grant for creating improvements to its platform and deploying its AEKnow.chain chatting platform. We cannot be more excited to follow its growth and evolution!


AEasy was built for quick and convenient realization of the æternity æpp development! Coming from the mind of Bai Xin, AEasy for developers to be able to easily learn and get started with developing æpps based on the æternity blockchain, but also to create AEX9 tokens!

Since æternity’s developer community has always been at the heart of our universe, it has been absolutely essential in delivering full benefits of æternity technology to the world. All of the exciting industry use cases that the æternity blockchain can be applied for in order to achieve true transformation would not be possible without you – the developers. Head on over to our forum to learn more about AEasy and get involved!

AEns is the prime hub spot for perusing all of the chain names that have been created via the æternity blockchain naming system. Created in partnership with AEasy, AEKnow, and WeTrue, AENS allows everybody to quickly search through and discover all of the .chain names that have been used and are currently active on the æternity blockchian. is fully accessible in China, so there are no barriers for our Chinese community members to use the full power of this awesome place.

Additionally, users are invited to bid on auctions for the coolest names! Any name that is shorter than 13 characters goes up for auction and anybody can claim it – if they are fast enough! The shorter the name – the longer the auction. To learn more about how it all works, make a quick visit to our forum and take a deeper dive.

With the year 2020 now safely behind us, we hope that all of the troubles last year brought shall stay behind as well. It is time to look ahead and build up better and stronger foundations for the future. It is time to rejoice and be grateful for what we have and take pride in what we’ve accomplished so far.

It is time to let the Metal Ox usher in a New Year of possibilities and opportunities while bringing us all closer together on that age-old corner stone of any society – trust.


translation of the original english post:

新的一年,新的开始 – 同样强大的社区


新年好! 今天是中国农历新年的开始。2021年 – – 牛年!

它 据说,牛年出生的人身体强壮,可靠,公正认真,激发他人的信心。另外,牛年出生的人有耐心,有条不紊的工作。对待生活的态度,以及 – 最重要的是 – 值得信赖。

而且 对于我们在这里的æternity 区块链 – 信任始终是重点。






æternity区块链的可能性AEChina 是æternity 一切和任何事情的开始。它是完美的导航灯,开启对æternity的旅程。

它是 由计算机科学专业和坚定的æternity支持者LiuShao 创建的。AEChina为用户提供第一手的æternity信息,同时也是为优秀的æpps提供了一个良好的展示平台! 它使得我们的社区成员更容易和更方便地获得信息,至此,社区成员可以用最快的速度了解æternity的新闻、开发教程、相关信息。


WeTrue 是AEChina的自然生态系统延伸。同样由LiuShao和长期贡献于æternity的同事GuanTou和Redcan共同构建。它是一个真正的去中心化的社交平台,它旨在 使开发者和普通用户都能使用和学习æternity的应用。

WeTrue专注于æternity的中文社区上。基于区块链 技术,为共享、传播和获取提供便利

通过其短小的实时信息为用户建立关系。所有用户 行为 – 包括账户生成、登录、发布。评论和奖励 – 与任何事情完全分离。类似于一个集中式的环境。您可以了解更多关于WeTrue 在我们的论坛和 这里!


AEKnow是刘洋打造的一个æternity生态圈浏览器和资源中心。它不仅是一个快速、便捷、极其有用的æternity区块链上的交易搜索工具,同时也是一个 预言机、区块、名字、矿池等等的查询工具。

æternity crypto foundation像赞助这里提到的其他项目一样支持AEKnow做 改进其平台,我们非常高兴能够跟随它的成长和发展!


AEasy是 是为了快速方便地实现æternity应用而建造的。开发者白鑫的想法是,AEasy为开发者提供了一个很好的平台。能够轻松学习并开始开发基于æpps的应用程序 在æternity区块链上,还可以创建AEX9代币。

由于æternity的开发人员社区始终是我们世界的核心,因此对于向全世界提供æternity技术的全部优势而言,这绝对至关重要。请加入æternity区块链以实现真正转型的所有激动人心的行业。 前往我们的论坛以了解有关AEasy的更多信息并参与其中。

AEns 是一个可浏览查询已通过æternity区块链命名系统并可创建自己的命名的系统,。由AEasy, AEKnow, and WeTrue, 共同创建。AEns让每个人都能快速搜索和发现所有的链上 已使用和目前活跃在 æternity上的.chain名称。AEns.io是完全可以用中文访问的,所以对我们的中国社区成员可以充分运用这个优势。

此外,用户被邀请竞拍最酷的名字! 任何名字短于13个字符的名字将被拍卖,任何人如果他们够快的话都可以申请。名字越短,拍卖时间越长。要了解更多关于它是如何运作的,请快速访问我们的论坛并进行更深入的研究。




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