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Experiences from inside æternity’s Wiki Bounty Campaign

For anyone unaware of what spectacular things are going on in the æternity woodwork, let me offer a brief overview on one particular part that our beloved community has been relentlessly working on – the Wiki.

The æternity Wiki is a display of exemplary community work and synergies of minds, blending together and thus distilling and communicating ideas and information in a meaningful manner, on a platform everyone can access.nYes, there was quite a large bounty involved (read the blog article here) proudly sponsored by Simply VC Co Ltd, but the ranking and final distribution structure was not known until after the bounty ended on 29th of May, shortly before the Phase 2 of the æternity Contribution Campaign.

Wiki, What?

The æternity Wiki is shaping to become a ultra comprehensive hub for all things æternal. Content ranges from explanatory texts, white paper interpretations, use case ideas, research and theory, tutorials, to tech, daepp and API documentation. Everyone, no matter the level of knowledge or interest, will find intriguing content to view and maybe even improve on or add to!

Go Go Distributor

When I was tasked with the knightly job to evaluate the Wiki Bounty on the morning of 29th of May, just after my first coffee, I didn’t immediately realize the enormous responsibility that I had taken upon myself.

I knew the bounty was a huge success, but how to distribute 1000 ETH so that everyone feels treated equally and fair?

Since the moment the bounty was announced and I first read it, in my mind the distribution would happen evenly among:

a) 500 ETH for all contributorsnb) 500 ETH for top 10 contributors

Distributing the 500 ETH for all contributors equally among all 73 participants which would lead to sending everyone 6.6 ETH (minus gas everyone was left with 6.59959 ETH) and 50 ETH to each Top 10 Contributor respectively.

Feeling that this would be sufficiently fair I asked Andy (github: acetronaut) to help me with getting all contributor data in order and starting the evaluation.

During that time it became clear that the even split I had imagined before was quite unfair to many contributors in the middle and high range activity areas, as they would get the same reward as a large number of contributors who only edited one or a handful of minor things.

At that point I decided to change the distribution structure, to better reflect the individual reward for the energy invested. This took some time as many of you noticed in the channels. The first days of Phase 2 they were exploding with questions, comments and scammers, making it difficult to focus on the Wiki task…

Since I had already sent out 6.5 ETH to a handful of low activity contributors, that had their ETH addresses posted in their GitHub profiles, I panicked.

Luckily Andy helped me out with calculating the overage and distribute it over the remaining rewards and with not even a handful of specifications from my side, on the weighted distribution, he conjured up an amazing spreadsheet.

Carry that Weight

Weighted distribution (Fibonacci’ish) for 500 ETH Bounty to all wiki contributors:

Extraordinary = 18.125 ETH / after overage = 16.97 ETHnVery high = 12.5 ETH / after overage = 11.7 ETHnHigh = 7.29 ETH / after overage = 6.827 ETHnMedium = 2.08 ETH / after overage =1.95 ETHnLow = 2.08 / after overage = 1.17 ETHnVery low = 0.38 / after overage = 0.36 ETH

Everyone can check out who is ‘ranked’ as what → HERE ← .

Excuse my boxed thinking here, but this ranking was the only feasible solution I could come up with. I tried to be as fair to each contributor as humanly possible and also trying to factor in some intangible things like support in the wiki slack channel or help with infrastructure and general tasks.

Diamonds are Forever

I’d like to present some of the ingenious content sprouting from our communities collective mind.

A comprehensive overview on what æternity isnWhitepaper translationsnThe idea boxnResearch & Theory

Great tutorialsnHow to claim your ledgernHow to sign a message with your private key

Amazing tech documentationnEnter æternity daepp developmentnAPI commandsnAn extensive guide on how to contribute safely, paranoid version included

For anyone looking to support us with the Wiki and its precious content, please read this page

For all but in Few

Thank you all for the massive contributions, ideas, thoughts, jokes, sleepless nights and an amazing drive to create all this amazing content!

We are positive that the end of the wiki bounty ushers in the beginning of even greater things, ideas, creativity and love to come! Already now there are plenty of use case & application ideas sprouting & taking root in this unique and beautiful community. Be the change you want to see and join æternity!

Interested in æternity? Get in touch:

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