Say hello to the new æternity website.


We are pleased to announce the new version of the brand and website.

meet the new face of æ

A further step into a more cohesive free ecosystem ūüöÄ

The brand and website redesigns were intended to reflect the vibrance and growth of the community in the past years. A lot has grown since its inception, and it was already time to bring æternity more into its own personality and showcase its beautiful ecosystem of technology and people.

We consider this a further step into a more cohesive and accessible ecosystem, now unified æsthetically to reflect the will of people all around the globe to build better software, openly and available to everyone. In the process, we updated the colors, logo, and fonts using typographies that are open, free, and accessible to everyone with an internet connection, and applied them into a design that is stackable, expandable, and useful initially as a launchpad to the æternity ecosystem.

In terms of how we see it working, the new website will continue being a valuable source of reference and documentation about the project’s main features, aggregate reliable information, and act as a launcher of the diverse components of the √¶ternity blockchain, wallets, and development tools made by the core team and the community.

The website will continue to expand, so it accurately reflects the progressive growth of the project and the community. The main difference from before is that with this current design, we can now go deeper in detail about what makes the project the community, and the technology special, as well as to use it to invite and educate people outside of the project to build with us a more open Internet.

In the spirit of open-source, with this initiative, we also want to set an example and invite people to use these brand tokens, make their own with them, and share their results. This is why we decided to make the design resources used to make this website available on Figma.

We will continue expanding them and making them available to the public.

Make sure you show us what you build with it!

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