Superhero rises — it’s time to fight back

æternity blockchain technology powering the next generation of social networking and content sharing platforms

Popularity of traditional social media platforms, news outlets and content sharing hubs is rapidly falling among tech-savvy users, due to the obvious and unscrupulous abuse of their data by the corporations controlling said platforms. Adding insult to injury, the centralized media platforms are using their position to push content and publish “news” to their users, all the while taking profits from the sources of the content for their service. On top of all that, they reserve the right to censor or even ban any user, keeping available content under tight control.

As the mainstream users are slowly becoming wise to the whole operation, they’ve started looking elsewhere for a place to call their “online home”. The race to become the prime decentralized social hub by attracting widespread adoption and the interest of influencers in the space is in full effect. The platform that comes out victorious will be one offering the most sought-after functionalities, as well as a fully decentralized and open-source structure.

One of the prime contenders – Superhero, built on the æternity blockchain, has just rolled out a long-awaited update for the platform. Boasting a fresh look, supporting many multimedia formats, it now also allows encrypted interactions with optional, embedded crypto transactions.

Superhero is fully decentralized, meaning that there is absolutely no third party involvement in any way, shape, or form – and never will be. That means nobody is controlling the operation of the platform, except the users themselves. Nobody can push content, or collect the users’ data and sell it to marketing companies. There is no censorship and users cannot be tracked or banned.

One of the functionalities that sets Superhero apart from traditional online platforms is the option to reward (tip) other users, for their contribution, whether it’s content they provided, a comment they left, or any other interaction possible on Superhero, but also beyond. Any and all secured URLs can be sent tips to directly, as well as via a dedicated Superhero Button, that integrates with any other platform easily, for a more seamless approach. Thus you can integrate a Superhero button on your website, your Twitter account, your Twitch… This way, Superhero lets content providers earn from their contribution, while simultaneously allowing the users to choose what is relevant and worth rewarding, thus also controlling the system of content distribution.

This implies a really nice paradigm shift, while the act of using other social platforms can be considered egoistic as people expose their lives for others to see, using Superhero is an act of generosity, on one hand, you reward the content creator for the work done, but with your tip, you are also making available that content for others to enjoy.

For the æternity community and its vision of contributing to a more decentralized, private and free world, having Superhero built on top of æternity network is a giant step of many to come to achieve our goals, together.

Try Superhero now.

To learn more about building on æternity or dive into the world of æternity-enabled DeFi, head over to the æternity forum, the æpp development community, or check out the latest æcosystem project introductions.

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