The √¶community contest resultsūüéČ


It’s time to reward the winners and recap the results

As many in the æcommunity already know, a special Holiday contest was organized with the aim to unite the community and share some of our interesting surroundings and celebrate the diversity and the global nature of the æternity blockchain.

To apply for the contest, community members needed to share their photos containing an interesting situation, background, or something/someone meaningful to them, juxtaposed with the æternity logo in the foreground, whether on a display, or printed.

The three submissions with the most likes would be symbolically rewarded with AE coins, to keep the contest interesting.

Honorable mentions

Check out some of the best submissions that didn’t get into the top 3:

An anchored boat flying the Turkish flagTaken in Val Fex in Engadin, Switzerland and shows the Piz Corvatsch in the backgroundA lovely feline member of the æcommunityThe perfect sand beach and turquoise water in MauritiusThe famous landmark lighthouse in Chennai, India.

With amazing submissions coming from countries all around the world – Switzerland, Bulgaria, Mauritius, Turkey, India, Germany and Serbia to name a few – the contest and more importantly, the virtual mingling of the community was a success.

Although an unlikely outcome, it so happens that the top three submissions all finished the contest with the same amount of likes, so we are glad to announce that instead of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize, all three winners will be awarded the 1st prize – 140 AE!

And finally, the winners:

They managed to best capture the Holiday spirit and the hearts of the æcommunity members.

Two of the winning submissions come from long-time æternity contributors РRickyleaks & sinonimboga.chain, and the third one was the first ever post on the æternity Forum by Nginira.

Good job lovely people! Great way to enter the New Year!

We’re very grateful to be a part of such a great community and hopefully in 2022 it grows larger and stronger than ever!

We’re looking forward to organizing more engaging events and contests this year. Stay tuned! ‚ôĺÔłŹūüöÄ

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