UnDystopia 2021

Exclusive crypto event offering a special opportunity to the æcommunity

The CryptoCastle Symposium is kicking off 3rd September in partnership with æternity blockchain 🏰

Live events are back! Members of the æternity blockchain team, æcommunity, and the founder, Yanislav Malahov, will be at the CryptoCastle Symposium 3–5 September, at the magnificent CryptoCastle. Yani will be one of the speakers at the event. In addition to all that, the æternity blockchain as the event’s main partner is providing its community with a special opportunity to get discounts on the tickets! Read on to find out the details.

The CryptoCastle Symposium unDystopia 2021, the event organized in partnership with æternity blockchain, will be one of the rare blockchain events held live this year, and not just anywhere!

The exclusive gathering will take place at an amazing venue. With parts preserved from the 9th century, the Schloss Zeit castle is a unique example of combined baroque architecture on the north and east wings and the Renaissance period on the south and west wings. The well-kept park with the terraced garden of the grotto in the middle, based on the Thetis grotto of Versailles, framed by the Unstrut canal with the tea house in the park, and statues by the Altenburg sculptor Joseph Blühme. In addition to its storied history, the CryptoCastle is one of the first examples of decentralized real estate in the World.

As the main partner of the event, and because we want to see as many members of the æcommunity there, the æternity blockchain team has arranged a special promo coupon code for 30% discounted prices on tickets.

Tickets are available on the CryptoCastle Symposium website. Type in Aeternity30 when the coupon option presents itself during ticket purchase.

Don’t forget, æternity is an open-source, decentralized blockchain, and we all need to promote the event together, so as many members of the æcommunity can come and hang out! We’re looking forward to seeing you at the 🏰 in a few days!

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