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Superhero community members can now access an on-chain voting application that allows them to launch initiatives and participate in discussions.

Decentralized governance is one of the most promising, yet also most complex concepts that blockchain technology brings to light. In æternity, governance has long been a topic of discussion – and will continue to be so in the near future.

As the æternity ecosystem continues to evolve, the community remains a vital source of insights in the way the platform develops. While a framework for governance on æternity has yet to be determined by the community, existing tools created by developers can be used to facilitate related activities in the future.

One such tool is the Governance app, an on-chain voting application that can be used to launch polls, achieve consensus, and potentially arrive at network-binding decisions in the future – should this be decided by the community. For this reason, it has been integrated into

Superhero Voting helps give every Superhero and æternity community member a say in the future of the æternity network. Anybody in the æcosystem can introduce ideas, share insights on issues, and share opinions on Superhero. Voting serves as a first step towards facilitating governance in the future.

The Superhero governance framework is powered by smart contracts, and accessed by a simple, user-friendly æpp that makes it easy to create polls, vote, and contribute to community insights and decisions.

How does Voting in Superhero Work?

Superhero Voting is performed through the voting æpp – a decentralized community tool that allows Superhero community members to share their preferences and opinions on virtually any topic about Superhero – or on any topic in the æternity network and beyond.

To get started with Superhero voting, you’ll need to set up your Superhero wallet. Head over to Superhero and install the Superhero browser extension. You can also use the integrated wallet on You can then claim your personal .chain name and grab some AE tokens. If you’re not sure how to get AE tokens, check the Wiki: How to Get AE Tokens guide.

Once you’re ready to share your voice and cast your vote, you can participate in community governance right away via the voting æpp. The æpp provides users with easy access to three important elements: Trending Polls, a Voter Account summary, and a Create Poll form.

Casting your vote on the Voting æpp is extremely straightforward. Anybody can vote on any poll, create a new poll, or even delegate their vote to another community member – all you need to get started is AE tokens. One AE token is equivalent to one vote.

Do note that your voting power depends on how many tokens you have on your account at the time the poll ends – not the time you cast your vote. Make sure to take note of a Poll’s end date and make sure you have as much AE tokens on your account as you want your Voting power to be at the time the poll ends.

Superhero Polls: Have Your Voice Heard

Superhero voters can create and vote on any idea, preference, or issue by creating and voting on Polls via the voting æpp.

Community members are able to collaboratively introduce ideas and solutions, and potentially take ownership over the evolution of governance in æternity in the future.

Vote on Superhero Polls

Polls can be created on any topic; protocol upgrades, branding ideas, opinions, or even what the next edition of Superhero League will be about. All polls and votes are permanently recorded on the æternity blockchain, forever.

The Poll Page in the Superhero voting æpp lists all active polls, which can be filtered by trending, ending soon, stake, latest, and closed polls.

The Superhero Voting Poll Page

To vote on a poll, simply click on the poll you’re interested in. The Voting æpp provides a brief description of the poll, presents a question, or provides a link that provides addition context – often linking to the æternity forum. You’ll also find your estimated voting power at the top right of the poll summary.

To cast your vote, click the check mark to the left of the option you like. You can also see which account voted for each option by clicking the arrow to the right of an option.

Creating New Polls

Creating new polls via the voting is simple and straightforward. Click the “+” button in the bottom menu of the app, æpp, and you’ll be presented with a form that allows poll creators to add a poll title, description, and a link to other media such as a forum post or paper.

New polls can be publicly listed or unlisted. To add options for other community members to cast their vote on, enter your option under “Add Option” and click the green “+” button.

Create a poll via the Voting æpp

You can determine when your poll ends based on block height or date – if you’re not sure how height works, you can enter a date you’d like to close your poll on via the estimated close date and time fields, and the height will adjust automatically.

Once you’re ready to list your poll, click the “Create Poll” button – you’ll find all polls you’ve created via your Voter Account page.

Check Your Power Level: Voter Accounts

The Voter Account page, accessed via the bottom menu, provides details on your Superhero wallet balance, voting power, a history of your votes and polls, and a handy tool that allows you to delegate your voting power to another account.

If you choose to delegate your voting power, you’re lending your power to another account – users can choose to delegate voting power to other accounts and lend them a louder voice.

The Voter Account page provides an estimate of delegated stake, as well as a summary of any votes that have been delegated to your account.

What Kind of Things Can I Vote On?

The Superhero community creates polls to vote on almost anything – viewing the Superhero Voting page will provide a full list of all active and closed polls, complete with results.

Superhero community members can share their opinion on matters such as support for mining pools, the design of logos for æternity æmbassies, or general opinion polls on the future of blockchain technology.

Superhero is a fully open-source platform, free for anybody to use. The decentralized nature of Superhero means that anybody is free to tweak the Superhero code to fit their needs, contribute improvements, or suggest changes that make the Superhero ecosystem easier to use for everybody.

What do I Need to Get Started?

To get started with Superhero and participate in the Superhero Voting ecosystem, all you’ll need is a Superhero wallet. Superhero is a completely free peer-to-peer social tipping tool that allows anybody to support content creators or their favorite causes – without fees or third-party interference.

Setting up your Superhero is straightforward. Head to Superhero and install the Superhero browser extension, get your hands on some AE tokens, and start voting! For information on the latest developments in the æternity universe, check out the æternity forums.

Remember – you can find Superhero Wallet on Chrome, Firefox, as well as a web wallet! And – you can see all of the outstanding governance votes right here (as well as link to individual polls).

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