Community Terms and Conditions


With the aim of creating healthy, creative and innovative online communities, we are establishing simple rules.

By engaging and participating in the æternity communication channels you agree to the terms below, and understand that if they are not upheld you could get banned from the channels or restricted from using them for a limited or indefinite period of time:

  • Refrain from any inappropriate behavior. This includes but is not limited to: all kinds of ad hominem and personal attacks, threats of violence, posting people’s private information or any other aggressive language.
  • Spamming and drive-by posting will result in direct banning. This includes but is not limited to sharing information about trading groups, suggesting any type of market manipulation and any other similar schemes.
  • Please avoid duplicate/recurrent posts/memes/images that could be interpreted as spamming.
  • Do not use misleading titles/links.
  • Creating multiple accounts on the same communication platform is considered a violation of the rules.
  • Keep price discussions, discussions about exchanges, market talk, and related memes/images in their dedicated channels.
  • Please post in each channel according to its dedicated language. If you need any help with that, contact the moderators.
  • The terms stated here also apply to private conversations with community members.

Be careful with links to third-party content. Be wary of potential phishing attacks.

We are here to learn more about the project and make it a success. Keep that in mind.

Enjoy yourself! æternity channels are friendly!

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