Announcement Regarding ICO365 Termination and Repayment


In light of the People’s Bank of China’s recent announcement that banned coin offering in China, Aeternity and ICO365, with counsel from their respective legal teams, signed a Termination Agreement in order to fully comply with the new regulatory requirements.

Accordingly, on September 13th 2017, ICO365 repaid 22.6m AE tokens to æternity, for 7 BTC and 28.3k ETH that ICO365 had previously collected, and the BTC/ETH amount was subsequently returned to ICO365 Users.

Aeternity is a Liechtenstein-based establishment that will continue to fully comply with any law or regulation. The returned AE will be used to further develop the æternity project as we proceed towards our goal of adhering to the 2018 Q1 deadline for mainnet launch.

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