State of development: Week of Sep 18th, 2017

It’s been two arduous weeks but we succeeded in putting together the first release of the æternity blockchain with Cuckoo Cycle mining.

We did a few things right and we also did many things wrong. We had team members fall sick and fall out. We pruned the team and we also added some heavyweights. We learned to allocate the work better, not step on each other’s toes and to always expect the unexpected.

Here’s what we plan to do going forward…

  • Rebase more often. This should help avoid merge conflicts and speed up pull request (PR) acceptance.
  • Plan better. This is the CTO’s job and he’ll do better!
  • Ensure PRs are focused and only doing one thing.
  • Rotate PR reviewers. We’ll pick a couple of random team members to review each PR.
  • Merge PRs quickly. We’ll rebase on top of master and resolve conflicts.
  • Write acceptance tests for HTTP APIs, etc.
  • Have a code freeze point 2–3 days before the end of each sprint. This should leave time for QA and integration.
  • Have the wiki refer to the Swagger YAML file that documents our HTTP API.
  • Consider using bounties to have the community review our code and help out.

We are finally done with our first release with Cuckoo Cycle mining and you can now try out The Dumb Blockchain.

Please file a ticket with your comments or suggestions! We appreciate all of those!

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