State of development: Weeks of Oct 2nd–13th, 2017

A lot happened in the two weeks since our last update and we are excited to tell you all about it!

Our trip to the Crypto Economics Security Conference was a smashing hit and a number of ideas from the presented papers are on their way into the coming redesign of the æternity blockchain.

We put out the Good Peers release after two weeks of hard work but didn’t stop there! The whole æternity team came together for a meetup this week in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We redesigned oracles and state channels for off-chain scalability. We clarified everything missing for the first release of our testnet and scheduled it for mid-November. Last but not least, we figured out how to make æternity scale on-chain and refined the timeline for the mainnet release. We discovered the tremendous benefits of a week of all-day brainstorming and whiteboarding, and resolved to do this often!

Stay tuned for the upcoming Big Spenders release and let us know if you have any questions or issues.

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