State of development: Week of Oct 30th, 2017

Check out the latest news from the development front.

We coded up a storm last week and re-integrated the changes. We are also freeing up and focusing on making our release testing setup even more comprehensive.

Mainnet & Testnet

We are all meeting in Malta next week to design and plan the mainnet release, as well as to release the testnet. It’s going be an all-hands-on-deck testing effort this week to make sure the testnet release goes smoothly.

We are kicking some cans down the road and accumulating some technical debt to release the testnet on time. Rest assured that we’ll do everything possible to tie all the loose ends in the first sprint after the release.

New Team Members

We are expanding and adding a couple more Erlang heavyweights to the team. It’s safe to say that we have cornered the market for top-notch Erlang talent now!

New Project Management System

Our coordination burden has drastically increased with our fast pace and expanded team so we switched to Pivotal Tracker from GitHub project management. We’ll keep our source code on GitHub, though, and the Pivotal Tracker is open for everyone’s review.

Please continue posting your problems, suggestions or feature requests to GitHub Issues.

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