Towards an æpps Ecosystem

At æternity we continue to relentlessly pursue the goal to create a diverse ecosystem of decentralized æpps.

The æternity æpps team is working hard to lay the foundations of a flourishing æpps ecosystem. At a high level our efforts are focused on providing a seamless user experience to two categories of audiences:

  1. æpp users
  2. æpp developers

In our last sprint we made the following progress in serving these two groups.


æternity’s voting æpp is currently connected to the Ethereum mainnet and uses AE tokens for signing the votes (or adding new questions to vote on). The rest of the æpps are currently connected to Ethereum’s Kovan testnet for testing purposes.

We are almost done implementing an AE token faucet which our community can use to get AE tokens to test and provide feedback on the æpps connected to Kovan (Ethereum testnet).

The mobile Identity Manager æpp is our base æpp. It allows the user to manage their identities, launch all other æpps, and authorize them to use the tokens of any identity.

We improved the UX, design and accessibility of the Voting æpp. Anyone is free to test it on the Ethereum mainnet using their AE token balance.

We also improved the UX, design and accessibility of our Notary æpp.

Developer Guidelines and Tools

We have abstracted all of our UI elements into a single Sketch file, posted on GitHub, which we update and re-release at the end of each sprint.

We started a collection of Vue.js æpp components, which developers can use directly in their æpps.

Additionally, we added continuous integration to our æpps deployment process, which will allow users and developers to gain quicker access to the latest versions of our æpps.

Bounty Program

Finally, we are creating a home for our developer bounties on GitHub. There, developers from the æternity community will be able to see and participate in the current available bounties, as well as review past bounties.

Current Sprint

In our current 2 week sprint we are:

  • Creating a landing page for æternity æpps.
  • Adding new components to our æpps components repository.
  • Adding new features to the Identity Manager æpp.
  • Continuing to improve existing æpps and build new ones.
  • Evolving our research on a number of technical topics, which will make use of in our æpps.

Stay Tuned

We are excited to continue to share our æpps progress with you. Stay tuned for the results of our current sprint, which we will post here soon. And as always if you have any questions or would like to learn more about testing our æpps, feel free to get in touch with us via Telegram.

Interested in æternity? Get in touch:

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