æternity’s New Testnet: Released!

The new æternity Testnet is now accessible to anyone willing to test it. Deploy a node and start mining!

Dear æternity community,

We are excited to announce that æternity’s re-written Testnet is live. This is only the first release and you can expect more features to be added in time. The core platform for the release is Erlang. Mining is based on John Tromp’s Cuckoo Cycle and is written in C++ for performance. Work on the difficulty algorithm continues and will be adjusted. Mining is currently faster in order to allow the dev team to identify errors more quickly.

With this release, anyone can now:

  • Setup and run a node that is part of the Testnet network
  • Manage a Testnet AE account
  • Send Testnet AE tokens to another account
  • Mine Testnet AE tokens

The simplest way to test sending tokens is to set up a local network of two nodes (not connected to the Testnet), mine and initiate transactions. For complete instructions on how to do that, please read the dedicated release notes in GitHub.

Chris from the æ community prepared a detailed guide on how to deploy a Testnet node and start mining. You can read it here.

The Testnet will be the foundation of æternity’s Mainnet. It must be the most robust and secure tech layer. In order to achieve this, extensive testing and a security audit must be done prior to Mainnet launch. With this in mind, we will be announcing bug-bounties soon. Anyone willing to play around with the code and potentially break it will get AE for doing so.

Stay tuned for more info from the core dev team.

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