Hæckathon Winners!

æternity’s first online hackathon is now complete! We are excited to announce the winning apps, as well as the honorable mentions.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our hackathon to create new mobile first blockchain applications. We were impressed with our applicant’s inspiring ability to use the power of blockchain technology to enhance the everyday lives of our community!

The Judges

Without our team (aka our jury panel) none of this would be possible. For this hackathon, the following talented individuals gave their time, talent and input:

  • Billy Rennekamp — Artist and Developer: Committed to decentralized projects and æpp development.
  • Emin Mahrt — CPO: Early adopter, an ex-Bitcoin miner, media company founder, C-level IT product and Engineering Manager and Ethereum investor.
  • Marion Vogel — Marketing & Operations: Efficiently handling æternity’s operations and connecting the dots between technology and the growing community.
  • Yanislav Malahov — Founder: True blockchain space veteran and the “Godfather of Ethereum”.

Let’s begin with our honorable mentions…

Honorable Mentions

Flicker Film æpp


A film app tool for facilitating artistic expression.

This æpp allows users to collaborate on a sequence of moving color frames. Any token holder could add a new color to the sequence by signing in with their identity. The sequence is available publicly for anyone to play/watch in the browser. We like that this submission ultilized the collaborative space of blockchain, even if just for historical record, to create a nostalgic decentralized way of creating value that can later be distributed to the people.

“In this case it has a well done UX and it looks great. I think it’s a romantic, arty thing to have this app. It reminds me of collaborative childhood story writing on A4 paper which was a fun game. I find this submission very inspiring.” [Emin]



A holiday planning app utilizing the power of smart contracts to facilitate smooth financial transactions between fellow travelers.

The Vacation æpp solves a common problem for groups, couples, or individuals who need to plan activities together. It allows for participants to pay for activities they enjoy together. A user can initiate one of 3 kinds of events: group, for 2 people, and an activity for one person. The initiator sets an entry fee, a number of participants in the case of a group event, a deadline for joining, a beginning and end time for the activity. Once an activity is created it can be joined by participants who pay the entry fee. Participants or the person who created the activity can become agents and submit an itinerary.

“I really liked this app because it’s a pain in the ass to plan group trips! This app picks up a real world problem. Like if you plan a 6 person vacation and 2 people drop out, the costs change. This app could solve this problem.The UX isn’t yet thought through but it could have very good applications in the future.” [Marion]

The Winners!

Third Prize: 1000 AE

Token-Curated Registry


Incentive app to keep data well organized within the community

This æpp allows contributors to submit a short text for inclusion in various customer rated lists. Curators can then challenge and vote on whether items should be removed from the list and consumers are then able to view the most current version of the curated list on a webpage.

“The purpose of it is to create whitelists. It’s a way to use tokens to vote things on an off of lists. There is a token incentive for making data well categorized. The work on the smart contract seems to be very complex and the app front-end itself was built very quickly but I was impressed with the work.” [Billy]

Second Prize: 2000 AE



An app that builds trust and friendship among strangers

Haello utilizes the power of blockchain to turn strangers into activity partners, via smart contracts payments. The æpp allows users who are interested in meeting new people to offer to pay for their outing. A person who is willing to pay for the outing chooses the activity they would like to pay for (dinner, drinks, or event tickets) and amount. Other users then express their interest. The person making the offer and the person interested in the offer meet, and the one making the offer has a certain amount of time to decide whether they would like to pursue the activity.

“I like it, it’s a fun thing illustrating real life use cases for digital/smart contracts. Could be used for advertising an event to have people show up in exchange for AE tokens and perhaps exchange for credit at the venue.” [Emin]

And the winner is…

Grand Prize: 5000 AE



Use of decentralized blockchain identity to log into your favorite websites.

The winning æpp of our hackathon harnesses the ability of blockchain to put users in control of their data and privacy via the decentralization of their login authorizations. By allowing users to create and edit their own authorizations, their data is stored on the chain, controlled by the user, and is fully reliable. This builds a bridge between various web applications, by allowing users to grant access to their general account information without the need to actually type in their passwords. This mechanism can be used by companies of the “old” web to permit the users of this new technology to share information about their accounts with third party applications or websites.

The aepp allows you to use your cryptographic signature to generate JWT (JSON Web Tokens) to be used on other sites to authenticate your identity. This æpp opens up a lot of possibilities with identity on the blockchain and we hope to see some services in the future that support the login through the æternity Identity Manager.

“Because we are moving lots of things from old web to new web, I think it’s important that we show the advantages of blockchain. This app creates a transition that makes a lot of sense. In the upcoming year, I look forward to seeing more contributions like this.” [Yanislav]

Prize Allocation

The prizes will be sent as soon as we receive all ETH addresses of participants.

Towards a Bright Future

The æpps in our hackathon show a tiny piece of an universe of possibilities enabled by scalable blockchain technology. We at æternity cannot wait to see what other æpps our community would come up with in the future! Anyone who is interested in developing æternity æpps can use the æpps from our hackathon as a reference and inspiration for their projects. Additionally, if you are developing an æternity æpp we are happy to guide you through the process.

Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the hackathon again! You did an amazing Job!

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