æpps Update: Mid March

Introducing an early Alpha of æternity’s Exchange æpp.

To make the blockchain experience both intuitive and accessible via the æternity æpps Ecosystem, users must first be granted access to AE tokens, required for the use of æpps. For this important reason the æpps team is currently focused on creating an interface which will allow users to easily acquire AE tokens with ETH.

The æpp that is being developed is presently in the early Alpha stage and is likely to change significantly. Despite its imperfections we would like to demonstrate to the æternity community that we are committed to ensuring that access to AE is as straightforward as possible.

The Exchange æpp first checks if the user has any ETH in their current identity/account (to convert to AE). If they do not, the æpp prompts them to transfer some.

Once the identity/account holds an ETH balance the user is prompted to choose how much ETH to convert to AE. After selecting the amount, they simply need to enter the account the ETH will be coming out of and then sign/confirm the transaction. That’s it! The user is now ready to participate in æternity’s æpps ecosystem.

As is inherent in any development process, there are a number of elements that the team still needs to figure out before the Exchange æpp goes live. With this update we wanted to keep æternity’s community informed and up to date on the focus of our work and share that it will soon be very easy to acquire AE directly on your mobile device.

Onto the Future

We are working on a number of updates to our core æpps which we will reveal in future posts. Stay tuned for future updates and, as always, feel free to ask questions or provide feedback directly on GitHub.

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