State of Development: Week of March 26th, 2018

Another sprint is finished and another release is delivered!

With this release we transition our peer-to-peer communications from an unprotected HTTP to fully encrypted TCP channels that use Noise for negotiating cryptographic material.

This release also brings major improvements into the binary serialisation format for the majority of the chain objects (transactions, accounts, etc.) eliminating potential ambiguities and improving the portability.

In addition to those changes we have also:

  • Restructured the transaction root hash in the block header for stricter validation;
  • Improved chain handling by storing accumulated difficulty in the DB rather than recomputing it;
  • Enabled user configuration of the HTTP API acceptors pool;
  • Enriched external HTTP API with optional filtering out for accounts with pending transactions;
  • Added 30 nodes to the Testnet, which brings the overall number of nodes to 50, allowing for much more realistic user acceptance tests that also account for latency between continents.

We continue working on state-channels, Bitcoin-NG and improving the testing infrastructure. Any support through the dedicated GitHub issues page will be highly appreciated.

“Only real execution capability will stand the test of time.” [Meltem Demirors]

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