æpps Update: Beginning of April

At æternity we are fully committed to making the blockchain ecosystem more user-friendly in order to promote the mainstream adoption of decentralized technologies.

During our previous sprints, part of our development focus has been on the iteration and refinement of the mobile-desktop connection that we presented back in January.

This desktop connection allows developers to build web applications that run from the desktop and are signed by the private keys stored on a user’s smartphone. This digital bridge facilitates maximum security for the user (as their keys are not transferred between devices/contexts) while expanding the æternity æpps ecosystem to the desktop (web) space. This works in the following way:

To connect the web dashboard to the Base app, (previously known as Identity Manager) a user can simply scan the QR code available in the web dashboard with their phone. Once an account is active on the web dashboard, the user can then add our æpp specifically optimized for a desktop browser.

Due to our focus on mobile first applications, this functionality is particularly exciting to our current and future developers because of its potential to create a continuous inter-platform user experience.

Although the core security features of transactions including keys and private keys will remain on mobile, by integrating desktop (web) we are hoping to foster innovation and continue to open the field of possibility.

Users are able to access all of the existing æpps in the new desktop browser. When a transaction needs to be signed, users are prompted on their mobile device to do so. A user can also change the active identity directly in the web browser itself. This, in turn, changes the active identity on their smart phone.

These two options open up æternity’s ecosystem to numerous æpps use cases which are better suited for a desktop context, potentially facilitating a more seamless and connected workflow.

Oracle Transactions in the Blockchain Explorer

In our last sprints we also iterated on the Blockchain explorer designs. Namely, we added transactions related to Oracles.

Users can now filter the transaction record by type and are able to select Oracles. In addition, they can also select an Oracle transaction and see all important information related to it without needing to leave the page. This includes being able to view and receive a copy of the full transaction Hash and Sender as well as all the raw data of the transaction itself.

For more information about æternity’s approach to oracles and how it is different from other solutions, have a look at this blog post.

Blockchain Explorer: Mobile

We have also improved the designs of the mobile version of the Blockchain explorer to include both search and the contextual transaction detail views mentioned above.

What’s Next

We are excited to continuously refine and expand upon the æpps within our ecosystem. The new web dashboard above is just one of the many tools we are preparing to encourage and facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain technology. As always feel free to comment and ask questions directly on GitHub.

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