State of Development: Week of April 2nd, 2018

The dev focus was focused on optimizing P2P sync, adding support for backward compatible chain changes, and fixing synchronization issues.

The Easter holiday affected the work of æternity’s developers this week, but progress was achieved nonetheless.

After successfully introducing Noise for secure peer-to-peer communication, we have moved on with the next release that will be primarily dedicated to improving and optimizing peer-to-peer synchronization as well as introducing support for backward compatible chain change (hard fork without restarting the chain).

At the beginning of this week we identified several issues in our synchronization protocol and to ensure smooth operation of Testnet, a decision was made to create an unscheduled maintenance release 0.10.1 with fixes for these issues. The release is available under in GitHub.

The team also keeps making good progress in Bitcoin-NG implementation and was focused on extending validation to handle micro-blocks and key-blocks as well as on handling of micro-forks.

State channels team has implemented HTTP APIs for the unsigned on-chain transactions and is coming close to having a working test case bringing an off-chain channel up to the state (which would include verifying the channel on-chain).

As usual, you can support our efforts through the dedicated GitHub issues page.

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