State of Development: Week of April 9th, 2018

Introducing Release 0.11.0.

After a few late night coding sessions, æternity’s developer team succeeded in delivering the next Release -> 0.11.0.

This release is focused on support for backward incompatible changes to the consensus protocol (hard forking) without restarting the blockchain from genesis.

In addition to the above, this release:

  • Adds a consistent serialisation of P2P messages, using RLP in favour of MsgPack;
  • Enables the configuration of an empty set of initial peers to contact;
  • Adds configuration (`sync` > `listen_address`) to select which IP the sync service will listen to;
  • Adds configuration (`sync` > `external_port`) to support public sync port differing from the internal port;
  • Fixes a number of minor issues that improve the stability of the testnet.

In addition to the dedicated GitHub issues page, soon you will be able to send us your feedback in the new æternity forum. It is currently being developed and it will host a Technical category. There, you will be able to send us your questions and start discussions with the dev team. We will not be available in the forum all of the time [coding has priority], but will do our best to address new topics and discussions at least once per day.

We hope that the forum will allow us to collaborate with the community in an even more structured and efficient way. See you there soon!

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