State of Development: Week of April 23rd, 2018

Faster node syncing achieved!

Over the past week we have been finalizing our next release: 0.12.0. We have spent a lot of time tweaking our peer-to-peer syncing protocol and it has certainly paid off :

Syncing is now ten times faster!

This substantial improvement was achieved by modifying the previous sync strategy making it possible to sync a chain much more efficiently by focusing the sync on syncing with individual forks instead of simply syncing with individual peers.

In addition, this week we also:

  • Improved the chain representation by keeping track of fork points that reduce the need for block-by-block traversals which in turn speeds up many chain operations.
  • Introduced the possibility to regulate the maximum number of concurrent connections (sync > max_connections) and the number of processes accepting connections (sync > acceptors).
  • Exposed more configuration previously hard-coded, (sync > connect_timeout), (sync > first_ping_timeout) and (sync > noise_hs_timeout).
  • Added a payload to spend transactions.
  • Introduced a database table version and a startup check to handle old versions.
  • Relocated user APIs for querying block by height or hash from the internal to the external endpoint.

Here is some æternity fan art 🙂

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