æternity @ re:publica, Berlin

Here is how re:publica attendees experienced æternity’s beer æpp!

On the 2–4th of May, Yanislav Malahov, æternity’s founder and members from the æpps and marketing team showcased the beer æpp at re:publica, enabling attendees to complete their very first blockchain transaction. At first we wondered if people would only come to collect a beer and leave immediately, but it turned out that everyone was extremely interested in learning more about æternity and blockchain in general. We were delighted!

In order to share the atmosphere around æternity’s booth, we made a short video. Have a look!

The team had a great time explaining æternity to attendees, showing them the blockchain explorer, the beer æpp and giving them a tangible result in exchange for their tokens — a beer 🙂

Some people really got the hang of it and were able to collect tokens from other attendees and in turn could order more than one beer!

It inspired many people to creatively come up with other use cases, which we are always interested in. When you think of an interesting idea for a use case, please let us know in the dedicated topic in the Forum. We are looking forward to your ideas!

Also, have a look at some more photos of the day!

And here is a tweet 🙂


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