State of Development: Week of May 28th, 2018

This week the dev team started working on release 0.15.0, which is scheduled for deployment on the Testnet on 7 June.

This release is aimed at providing a working Bitcoin-NG consensus, so that our æpps team can start enjoying a faster network speed thanks to significantly smaller block times (~5 seconds). We will also be trialing an execution of smart contracts inside of a state channel as part of this release.

The Erlang community Code Beam Conference took place last week in Stockholm — the cradle of Erlang, where the best and the brightest Erlang developers gathered to discuss the latest tech, current trends and projects. Since our team is made up of the best and brightest, æternity was strongly represented at the conference. Check out some of the talks’s topics:

  • Our virtual machine masterminds Erik and Tobias covered æternity smart contracts.
  • Our testing guru Thomas Arts talked about property-based testing for blockchain applications.
  • Our Erlang veteran Ulf Wieger talked about using Erlang when building a blockchain from scratch.

Finally, our team gathers this week in Stockholm for the regular meet-up, where we will discuss our release and post-release strategies, so stay tuned! Here are some photos:

You can always check how the development progress is going in the Pivotal Tracker:

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