æternity at the United Nations

æternity blockchain had the honor of presenting its technology to a panel at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

During his trip to the United Nations, æternity’s Global Ambassador, Julio Alejandro addressed a panel comprised of diplomats, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and European Commission directors.

Julio explained how æternity and public blockchain technology can support the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals to combat poverty, gender equality, climate change, and facilitate decent economic growth in developing countries and regions.

The goal of the conference workshop was to create “logical frameworks, funding strategies, implementing partners, and action plans” with the use of blockchain technology. æternity was awarded a certificate for its participation.

During the event Julio articulated æternity’s willingness to become one of the most socially responsible public blockchain globally.


Latinomics, a UN Partnered organization and the largest Latin American organization in Europe, selected æternity’s representative to become their Advisor (Mentor) on Blockchain and Disruptive Technologies. This position will help Julio to continue promoting and representing æternity’s blockchain vision in the United Nations and multilateral international forums.
In an informal meeting after the talk, Julio explained how scalable smart-contracts can be applied in order to address issues of poverty, youth unemployment, and regional economic growth. Governments and human rights organizations from Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile participated in the discussion.

Supply-Chain Management on a Blockchain

Supply-chain management based on an immutable ledger was presented as a potentially disruptive use-case for South American trade. The tracking of agricultural products and raw materials like cacao, bananas, or coffee from their respective countries of origin to European consumers can become safer, cheaper, and more secure with the application of æternity’s technology.

The value chain for these and similar products involves transportation via trucks, processing in local manufacturing factories, transfer through regulation and compliance offices, and finally, receipt at an European or North American store. A number of human errors can occur throughout this journey. Intermediaries take a fee for each verification, the paper work is lengthy and expensive. This could result in the farmer losing more than half of their produce.

The application of blockchain technology and smart-contracts in particular, has the potential to reduce processing times, and eliminate a whole array of human errors that are hindering this distribution process.

Invitation to CliMates’ International Summit

After listening to Julio’s proposed solutions to some of the most pressing global problems, Solane Dengler, a World Bank consultant, invited æternity to participate at the CliMates’ International Summit, to be held in Vienna, Austria, on the 7th of June of this year. The topic of the panel there will be “Climate Change, Human Rights, and Vulnerable Groups — Focus on indigenous people and women”. æternity’s ambassador will participate together with University of Vienna professor Sigrid Stagl and Mathilde Thonon from CliMates International.

In an independent effort to find out how best to support youth entrepreneurship and employment, Julio met with seven representatives of Europe’s largest “Students for Liberty” organization in Motto am Fluss restaurant-boat.


Julio also met Abdel Ayman Ibrahim, President of AIESEC Global, one of the world’s largest and most influential youth organizations that facilitates cross-cultural exchanges.

In order to find out how æternity can become a better global and inclusive multicultural-organization, Julio met with local Vienna leaders, from Venezuelan, Iranian, and Iraqi origin. At the end of æternity’s Vienna experience, a meeting was arranged with filmmakers Wolfgang Auer and Fernando Romero-Forsthuber. Talks were focused on how to establish potential partnerships to fund their film “Adelante Maestros” (Go Forward, Teachers!) in rural Mexico.

The meeting with æternity was shared across social media platforms and received almost 500 likes and retweets. The educational project also received a number of donations.

We want to thank our friends from the World Bank, Solene Dengler; Matteo Landi, from United Nations IDO; Roberto Arrucha from Latinomics; and Miroslav Polzer from GloCha Foundation New York for facilitating the global expansion of blockchain technology for social good. Within an ethical, inclusive vision for mainstream adoption of blockchain technology, æternity will be there to support you.

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