State of Development: Week of June 4th, 2018

The dev team participated a meetup in Sweden and a new release was published.

Two exciting things happened last week: our core dev team had a meetup in Sweden, Stockholm — the cradle of Erlang, and, as per usual, a new release was pushed and deployed on the æternity testnet.

The time we spent in Stockholm was short, but very productive. A lot of discussions took place on a number of topics, including:

  • Making sure that Bitcon-NG gives us speed and throughput, but does not compromise our security.
  • Ensuring State Channels stay consistent with the blockchain and its state tree when executing smart contracts.
  • Strategy for the upcoming mainnet launch.
  • Making transfers of ERC20 æternity tokens to the æternity mainnet as smooth as possible.

Our last release 0.15.0 was dedicated to improving the stability of the testnet. The most prominent features of the release are:

  • Enable retrieving via user API the contract call object for an on-chain transaction.
  • Change the way the state root hash is calculated.
  • Add time-to-live (TTL) to all transactions, a transaction can not be included in a block once the TTL has expired.
  • Provide an additional endpoint / API that returns the JSON formatted HTTP API description.

Our aim for the next release is to switch testnet to Bitcoin-NG. Currently there is no other blockchain that uses Bitcoin-NG and relies on Proof of Work, so we are really excited about trying it out!

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