æpps Update: Middle of June

At æternity we aim to provide the most intuitive and seamless experience for both developers and users of blockchain technology. With this in mind, we are making steady progress on simultaneously creating a synergistic connection between the æpps ecosystem and the Testnet (and soon Mainnet) endpoints. We would like to share a few small steps on our way to reaching this goal below.

Base æpp Onboarding & Settings Improvements

We made a couple improvements to the onboarding and settings components of the Base æpp (formerly known as the identity manager). Namely, we added a 12-word pass verification in order to make sure that the user has indeed written their passphrase somewhere. The verification works by giving the user 15 words (12 of which make up their passphrase) and asking them to select the words for their passphrase, then arrange the words in the correct order.

We also added an optional social recovery as part of the æpp settings. The social recovery works by selecting three users and asking each one to write down a 12-word passphrase generated by the æpp. Once all three 12-word passphrases have been generated and written down by those selected, the user can complete the social recovery setup.

Native æpps

In addition to making improvements to æpps functionality, we are also moving them to become native Android and iOS apps. We started this process with Android, as installing an Android app for the purpose of testing is easier than in iOS. The sandboxing present in native mobile apps provides an additional layer of security and allows us to control the encryption of the data in the app.

Other æpp Updates

We continue to iterate over making the Base æpp experience as seamless as possible and will show you the results of our latest iterations soon. We also continue to bring functionality from our core æpps directly into the Message æpp interface.

A Productive Summer Ahead

As we ramp up the sprints towards the Mainnet release we will continue to make improvements to the æpps and announce developments in the æpps ecosystem. As always, feel free to contact us directly on GitHub, with æpps questions and comments, and discuss any open æpps topics in the Forum.

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