State of Development: Week of June 11th, 2018

After an intensive brainstorming session in Stockholm æternity dev team has started working on a new release.

The release is focused on three areas:

  • Merging code that implements Bitcoin-NG into the master branch so that it could be released to the testnet.
  • Improving robustness of our syncing algorithm to make it ready for the mainnet launch when hundreds of nodes are expected to join æternity’s p2p network.
  • Providing an MVP for execution of Smart Contracts in State Channels.

We also had a chance to discuss æternity’s security aspects in an event organised by the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences.

One of our core dev team members was invited to showcase æternity’s blockchain as a case study for a secure design of a p2p network using the Noise protocol. The case study was scrutinized by the leading researchers in this field. We were able to identify a few issues that have now been fixed. The overall feedback was very positive, boosting our confidence in the security of the blockchain we are building.

You can follow dev-related progress using the Pivotal Tracker tool.

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