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General questions about æpps.

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I am an app developer, where can I start if I want to create æpps?

The best place to visit is The æternity æpps team is continuously updating the material on the site.

Where can I go to learn more about æternity’s æpps?

The home of æternity’s æpps ecosystem is

Do you have resources that I should know about if I want to create æpps?

The website is the place to get started. If you are using vue.js for the front end, you can check out

Where can I get support if I get stuck creating an æpp?

Go to the Forum and check if your question has already been answered. If not, please create a new topic in the Æpps category. Someone from the æpps team will reply as quickly as possible.

What’s the difference between an account and the æternity wallet?

æternity’s Bæse æpp (formerly known as “Identity Manager”, AKA “wallet”) can be considered “the wallet” of æternity’s blockchain platform. The Bæse æpp allows users to create a number of different accounts. Each account is associated with an address.

For more information on æternity’s Bæse æpp, please have a look at this blog post.

Which æpps will be available upon Mainnet launch?

The following core æpps will be available upon Mainnet launch:

  • Base æpp: Wallet and æpp Browser
  • Offline Signing Solution
  • Governance æpp
  • Token Migration æpp
  • Claim Your Name æpp
  • Blockchain Explorer æpp

In addition to these, we will have some æpp examples for developers.

If you have more questions, please add them in the Forum.

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