Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Mainnet Launch

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General questions about the launch of æternity’s Mainnet.

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Where can I follow development progress on Mainnet launch?

The best place to get the latest information on the development of æternity is the Pivotal Tracker tool. Using the tool you can find an estimate on when the Mainnet Release Candidate should be available. Please note that the Pivotal Tracker does not incorporate the security audit that æternity must go through before it goes live.

The æternity team is currently in discussions with a few potential security auditors. Moreover, an extensive testing infrastructure has already been implemented and will improve the speed with which any security audit is performed.

If you have any suggestions about a security auditor, please share them in the development category in the Forum or send a mail to

Will the exchange of AE tokens for AE cryptocurrency start upon Mainnet launch?

All owners of AE tokens (currently on the Ethereum network) will be able to transfer them to the æternity blockchain. See next question for more information.

How can I transfer my ERC20 AE tokens to the æternity blockchain?

We published a blog post on the subject. Please read it here:

The æternity dev team is working on a step-by-step token migration guide (web page), similar to the ones used during the campaigns last year. It will allow users to transfer their AE tokens to the æternity Mainnet. Follow our communication channels for updated information about the token migration process.

Will there be a deadline to transfer my AE to the æternity Mainnet?

There will be no deadline to transfer AE tokens to the Mainnet. However, after September 2, 2019, 19:56:09 UTC the migration process will change. Please read the Token Migration blog post we recently published for more information.

What technological features will be included in the æternity launch? Will there be PoS? Will there be state channels? Will Bitcoin-NG be implemented?

The following technological features will be available upon Mainnet launch:

  • Bitcoin-NG consensus with Cuckoo Cycle used for the Proof of Work
  • Oracles
  • Naming System (demo)
  • State Channels
  • Sophia as a smart contract language
  • Proof of Stake will be used for delegated voting as part of æternity’s governance

Will users be able to develop æpps upon Mainnet launch?

Yes! We will also provide developers with various SDKs to make development of æpps as easy as possible. See our æpps development portal for mode info: Alternatively, developers will be able to directly communicate with nodes via HTTP and WebSocket APIs.

Will users be able to vote on changes to fundamental system variables such as block reward upon Mainnet launch?

The size of the block reward will not be voted upon immediately upon Mainnet launch. Voting on fundamental system variables will happen through the Governance æpp, which will be available when the Mainnet launches.

Which æpps will be available upon Mainnet launch?

The following æpps will be available upon Mainnet launch:

  • Bæse æpp: Wallet and æpp Browser
  • Governance æpp
  • Token Migration æpp
  • ClaimYourName æpp
  • Offline Signing Solution

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