æpps Update: Mid July

As we approach the Mainnet release we are busy preparing our æpps for launch on existing platforms like iOS and Android. Part of this process involves refining the user experience of the æpps and conducting thorough user testing to ensure the æpps experience we offer is seamless.

Base æpp Update

In our last sprint we redesigned the way that users load and add æpps to their home screen. We took on the approach of a browser, a UX convention with which almost everyone is familiar. Through this familiar experience, the Base æpp will become the portal to the universe of æternity æpps. This works in the following way:

After completing our onboarding sequence (for first time users) and logging in (for returning users) the user arrives at our redesigned homescreen. The Favorites list is located at the center of this screen, and is pre-populated with the Transfer, Transactions, Contacts, and Messages æpps.

In order to load an æpp, a user types the relevant URL in the search bar. Once the æpp is loaded they can tap the properties button to add the æpp to their Favorites list. They can also reload the æpp, copy its address, and share it.

Shifting the navigation between æpps to the top allowed us to make prominent shortcuts to the Base æpp settings, switching accounts, and access to the Favorites list.

We have also redesigned the account switch view. There the user can see their total balance as well as the balances of each account. They can easily switch the active account and copy, as well as scan its address.

In addition to evolving the æpp Favorites management and the account switching view we redesigned the settings view. Users can now switch languages and manage remote (desktop to mobile) connections. Developers will also be able to switch to the Testnet from the Mainnet once the Base æpp is running on our Mainnet.

Beta Testers

We will be revealing many more user experience improvements and new features in the near future… and we are now looking for beta-testers from all over the world to test our progress! Therefore we would like to invite YOU to participate in testing our æpps before they are released to the general public. We are looking for people with all levels of experience with blockchain technology. If you would like to participate in user testing please fill out the form below.


Beer æpp

After the huge success of the Beer æpp which we revealed at the Re:pulica conference in Berlin, we decided to repeat the fun! On June 29, we presented the æpp again the Crypto World Party in Liechtenstein. We distributed 1,252 tokens to each event attendee. Everyone at the event enjoyed their free crypto tokens, or should we say their beers, and the Beer æpp proved to be a great success once again.

Exciting Times Ahead

We are looking forward to involving our community in testing our æpps and have some very exciting improvements and features to announce in our upcoming posts. Stay tuned and as always feel free to contact us directly in the Forum or on GitHub.

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