æpps Update: End of July

As we approach our Mainnet release we continue to improve the intuitiveness of our user experience.

Transfer Functionality Inside Bæse æpp

Amongst many improvements we redesigned the Transfer æpp functionality and brought it directly into the Base æpp. As transferring tokens is native to crypto applications we decided to move it as close as possible to the home screen of our Base æpp.

Users can now click on the identicon in the top right corner of the home screen to open the account switching view. In this view they can switch accounts, see all transactions associated with a given account, and initiate a transfer. The user can also filter the transactions displayed on the screen.

The “Make Transfer” button now responds to the scrolling of the user. When the button is tapped it loads a contextual panel, which shows the user their transfer options: initiating a transfer to an external account, initiating a transfer to an account of theirs, requesting a transfer from an external address to the active account.

The redesigned account switching view also allows users to make a new account, give it a name (within the Base æpp), and share it with anyone via copying the account address or scanning a QR code.

JavaScript SDK Updates

We have updated our SDK Testnet to work with the Bitcoin-NG implementation, which the dev team rolled out recently. The SDK Testnet is trailing up to one version behind the latest Main Testnet. This allows us to make frequent Testnet releases without interfering with functioning of our SDKs. Developers can learn everything about the SDK as well as how to connect to the SDK Testnet at dev.aepps.com.

Usability Testing in Berlin

In addition to the internal usability testing which we conduct, we are testing our æpps remotely with users around the globe, as well as in person. We are now opening the in-person testing to æternity fans and supporters who are based in Berlin (or passing by in the first half of August). If you are interested in participating in an æternity user testing session in early August, please fill out the form below. Beer’s on us!


Looking Forward to the Future

We are thrilled to put æternity æpps in the hands of members of our community as part of our usability testing and extremely excited to share more of the æpps improvements we continue to make prior to the Mainnet release. As always, if you have any questions for us, feel free to write us in the Forum or post them directly in GitHub.

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