State of Development: Week of July 23rd, 2018

Finalizing logic for the execution of smart contracts in a state channel and implementing Proof of Fraud for Bitcoin-NG.

The team made significant progress on delivering smart contract execution in a state channel.

Until now, the functionality of state channels was restricted to moving funds from one account to another. The promise of æternity, however, was allowing execution of Turing-complete smart contracts. The core logic of this feature was implemented this week.

Now it is possible to simultaneously execute multiple smart contracts in a state channel open between two parties!

Our team is also coming close to finalizing Bitcon-NG consensus. The focus of this week and next will be implementing Bitcoin-NG-related APIs that allow clients to query all kinds of information about blocks and micro-blocks, as well as Proof of Fraud that is responsible for generating poisonous transactions designed to prevent malicious behavior of the leaders who generate micro-blocks.

In addition, work has been done to implement a middleware application for storing non-essential core node data, in the form of an index allowing the listing of transactions by affected account, as well as so-called internal transactions. There has also been further development of the VM, bug fixes and optimizations.

As usual, the best place to follow the development progress towards Mainnet launch (apart from GitHub) is the Pivotal Tracker.

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