Mainnet Preparation and Coding in Berlin

Last week our core team, which is usually spread out across Europe, had a get together during Berlin Blockchain Week. A lot of great discussions were had, planning sessions took place and much productive coding was done.

Mainnet, Mainnet, Mainnet…

As can be seen in the æternity Pivotal Tracker and the VM Pivotal Tracker we have narrowed down the scope of our Mainnet Release Candidate, which is tracked by the Mainnet RC æternity and Mainnet RC VM labels.


Over the course of the week the following tasks were completed and merged into the master branch:

  • Forcing Progress on-chain when closing a state channel. In order to provide this we had to:

-> Implement proof of inclusion that provides all the required information for contract execution so that a contract can be forced on-chain

-> Introduce a new transaction type, channel_force_progress as part of the protocol

-> Include contract account in contract’s proof of inclusion

  • We also simplified force progress on-chain transaction:

Initially the force progress required a complete and signed off-chain transaction to describe the update to be applied and the new state (both state_hash and a round). It came with the following conditions:

-> Only one update is applied at a time

-> Only the From is allowed to be the caller

-> Round of the solo_payload must be the next round from the co-signed payload

-> solo_payload is signed by the from

We made this much simpler by replacing the solo_payload with the following fields:

-> update — the update to be applied, caller must still be the From account

-> state_hash — the expected next state hash of the channel

-> round — the next valid off-chain channel round if the update had been successful

  • Also, we set key block’s coinbase to Bitcoin-NG benefactor to reward mining according to Bitcoin-NG consensus algorithm

Finally, we also completed a number of bug fixes and made minor optimizations.

Members of the marketing team were also present during the workshop and are currently working on a more in-depth summary. It will be published in the blog very soon, so stay tuned!

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