Bounty: Windows Miner and Guide

We are turning to the community to help us bring AE mining to Windows machines.

At æternity we believe that starting to mine AE must be as simple as possible for anyone willing to provide security to the network. With this in mind we recently published a tutorial on how to start mining on Ubuntu 18.04:

However, we realize that some mining is also done on Windows machines. It is therefore imperative to enable this community of miners to mine AE on systems they are used to. To do that we are announcing this Windows Miner and Guide bounty.

Rules and Eligibility

  • This contest is open to anyone who has reached the age of maturity in their country of residence.
  • Teams are free to participate, but the award will be sent to a single ETH address.
  • Performance and easy installation will be important criteria for winner selection.
  • Starting the miner under Windows must be as easy as possible: it should be possible to start the miner by simply running an executable or a batch file.
  • It must run on Windows 10 configuration. It must not involve a virtual Windows machine or a Docker container and must be native to Windows environments.
  • A preference will be given to solutions that rely on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). This may also be the easiest way to implement this.
  • The user must also create a video or text guide on how to use the miner to start mining AE on the Testnet on a Windows machine. The guide must be presented/written in English and include a detailed explanation of each step required to start mining AE on the Testnet using a Windows machine.
  • All participants must have a GitHub account as a condition of eligibility.
  • Contestants must post their submissions in a branch of æternity/epoch fork that is up-to-date with the upstream master as of the October 10, 2018.
  • The submission must include a licensing statement making the submission available under the ISC license.
  • After the submission deadline has passed, members of the æternity team will evaluate all entries and select a winner.
  • Submissions Deadline: October 31, 2018 | 11:59 PM CEST
  • Reward: 300 AE

If you have any questions, please ask them in the dedicated Forum topic:

Happy bounty hunting!

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