Reddit Meme Competition Winner!

Here is the meme that received the most votes from the team.

On September 27th, we announced a Meme Competition on Reddit to “decentralize fun” and allow æternity community members to put their artistic talent to good use, earning some AE in the process.

We received more than 50 memes and enjoyed every single one of them! After a week-long internal voting process and a deep dive into the thrilling (and sometimes weird) world of æternity-dedicated memes, we now have the winner! Here it is:

The Winner!


Congratulations to Reddit user Aeternion for creating this! We are glad that community members realize that developing a:

secure, efficient and scalable blockchain protocol that can effectively interact with mobiles devices and remain as decentralized as possible is a major R&D challenge.

We are grateful for your patience and are working hard to make the æternity Mainnet a reality. Our team of developers, one of the most active ones in the blockchain space, is pushing through the task list and is bringing us closer to our Mainnet launch on a daily basis. You can find out what they are currently working on by visiting the Pivotal Tracker and/or following the weekly dev updates in the blog.

The winner will receive their awards on the publicly announced ETH addresses on Reddit by the end of October.

Expect a new competition next month.

Thank you all for the creativity!

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